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Helping Adolescents Navigate Online Conflict

For families of older children, it’s not uncommon to find conflicts which arise on social media, or in an online interactive game, trickling over into other parts of life.

Our goal at Heartwood is to provide a peaceful, safe environment, as well as to support students and parents as they navigate these stages of life. We want to be sure that we are helping students handle these conflicts in the best, healthiest ways possible. To that end, we have contacted a professional in the field of pre-and adolescent development to give our community the skills to handle online conflict-turned-real-life drama with compassion, knowledge, and kindness.

Elizabeth Worley (LPC, RPT), will speak to our adult community on Thursday, April 11, at 6:30pm. She will focus on methods we can use to help our students manage online interactions, especially those that cause hurt, anger, or fear, and give us language to use with our students so that they hear us when we are helping them work through the feelings that come up from less-than-satisfactory conversations.

It is our hope that, by giving us the tools to help our students outside of school, we can minimize the hurt and anger they carry with them overnight and into the next day. We hope that you will make time in your schedule to attend this very important parent education evening.


Date: Thursday, April 11, 2019

Cost: FREE
Time: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Fitting In Fitness

Join Marisa Park, Heartwood parent and certified personal trainer with Camp Gladiator, for a fun, fast-paced workout aimed at helping even the busiest of us fit fitness into our lives. Cardio and strength-training will combine with strategies and tips to manage stress.

While childcare is not available for this meeting, children 7+ are welcome to participate!

Date: Thursday, May 2, 2019

Cost: FREE
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm RSVP to reserve your spot

More From Marisa:
I started Camp Gladiator when my son started preschool at Heartwood—I was seriously struggling to fit in workouts alongside my work schedule. I loved exercise and needed it in my life every day to stave off the anxiety and depression that were always at my door.

My first workout, I thought the trainers were straight-up crazy. Who has that much energy and spunk before the sun has risen?! Who leaps around and goofs off and high fives random strangers?! But…I LOVED the workout. And the people, crazy as they were, were really nice. I signed up soon after.

A few weeks later, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and spent a month in the hospital—the doctors did not expect her to make it out again. CG was the bright spot, the thing I looked forward to each day during that dark time. (My mom is now in remission, and is doing great, over 5 years later).

I know for a fact that the combination of exercise, being outdoors, and the community I found held the darkness at bay. Going through hard times is so much easier when you’re not alone. At the heart of CG is a community: not everyone is the same, and yet everyone belongs. We’re parents of young kids, no kids, all ages and walks of life, all sizes and fitness backgrounds. But we’re all the same in the things that really matter.

My time with CG has seen my son grow from the little three-year-old who drove his dump truck across everyone’s mats to the 8 year old who tells me “I NEED to work out! I NEED to go to camp!!!”

CG has changed my outlook on what I’m capable of. I didn’t start out fast. I didn’t start out strong. I remember a time when carrying my 14 lb son was exhausting. I remember a time when I had to modify every push-up. But my trainers spoke confidence and belief into me.

If you’re lucky, someone comes into your life and tells you, “I believe in you; I see something in you that you don’t,” and it lights a fire in your life. Now I train for CG, and I can’t imagine a more fulfilling career. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, come join us for a workout and chat about stress relief with fellow Heartwood families!



What is the Parent Education Program?

Formerly known as the Parent Awareness Group, the Parent Education Program (PEP) provides Heartwood families with a forum to discuss challenges, share parenting resources, and broaden understanding.

Depending on what most interests our school’s community, PEP Talks may include book discussions, parenting workshops, or presentations from guest speakers. The topics are determined at the first Parent Support Group meeting of the year, or as community interest dictates throughout the year.

When and where do PEP Talks take place?

Programs begin in September, on the school’s campus. Meeting times and details vary.

Program Topics

Topics are determined based on interest from our parent community. You can help steer the PEP curriculum by volunteering on the committee, or email us your suggestions.

Past Programs

Curious what might be covered in a PEP Talk? Check out some of our past topics to get a better idea. Interested in hearing one of these speakers again? Please let us know!

  • Age-specific Saturday Retreats for parents of the Toddler-10 year old and Tween/Teen age groups with Jean Wittig
  • Positive Time-Out for Parents: the Importance of Self-Care in Positive Discipline with Jean Wittig
  • Parenting without Screaming with Jean Wittig
  • Developmental Differences & the Whole Child Approach in Montessori with Bridget Dickerson
  • Sleep Solutions with Irene Gouge
  • Reading and Language Development featuring both a reading teacher and Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Positive Discipline with Liane Watson
  • Conscientiousness and Mindful Living
  • Orenstein Solutions with psychologist Dr. Daniel Sheras
  • Heartmath with Terry McDougall EdS
  • Curriculum Deep-Dives with our own Heartwood Montessorians

Open House/Enrollment 2019-20

Open to the Public:  See events calendar for upcoming information meetings for all age groups!