Admissions FAQ

Is Heartwood Montessori just a Preschool?

No! We serve children aged 18 months – 18 years.

While we do have several preschool aged classrooms in our Children’s House, Heartwood Montessori School actually serves students aged 18 months to 18 years. In addition to the Montessori curriculum presented by our certified teachers, students are also provided lessons in Art, Movement, Spanish, Physical Education, YOGA, and opportunities for private music lessons with piano, violin, and guitar.


Does Heartwood Montessori offer a year-round option?


Heartwood Montessori school follows a traditional school calendar. We do not offer a year-round program. We do, however, offer 9 weeks of summer camp for children ages 3-6. There are many great summer camp options for older students in the Triangle.


When can I apply?

All year.

Applications are excepted year round and are held until our re-enrollment period ends for current families at the end of February. We encourage all families to apply as soon as they are interested because we are often operating on a wait list.


When are my application deposit and acceptance fee due?

After you’ve been admitted into the school.

In order to ensure a spot in the school, we request that you submit your application deposit and acceptance fee within two weeks of receiving your acceptance notification. Acceptance notifications are generally sent out in March via email. We do not accept any deposits or fees until we are sure that there is room for you!


When will tuition be deducted from my account?

July, September-May

If you are on the ten month pay schedule, your payments will be deducted July-May with no payment being deducted in August. If you are on the twelve month pay schedule, your payments will be deducted during all 12 calendar months, even though we are on summer break June – August.

When completing the enrollment process, you will have the option to have your tuition deducted on the the 1st or 15th of the month.


Snow Day January 19th

There will be no school tomorrow due to inclement weather.