Transition Classroom

Transition Classroom

Ages 6-8

This program is designed for children who may need expanded curriculum opportunities in a setting that supports emotional and social development without the larger age span of a lower elementary classroom.  The student that has a “late” birthday enjoys another year of challenge in a Montessori environment if planning to go to a public school for first grade. The transition class is rich in math, language and reading, and especially the cultural subjects.  The lower elementary curriculum leads the program with the traditional “Great Lessons” and follow-up activities designed for each student’s individual needs. 

Afternoon Specials

Monday: Spanish

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: PE & Spanish

Friday: Project Completion

Early Release Today (September 5)

Due to the effects of Hurricane Dorian, all students must be picked up by 3:30pm. Contact the office at (919) 465-2113 with questions.