What is Go?

Fri Sep 1

“Go is the one game in which . . . everyone begins with an empty board and with no limitations, and what happens thereafter is . . . only the quality of your own mind.”

— Go and the Three Games, by William Pinckard


Heartwood Montessori is excited to be hosting a new club this fall… the game of Go!

Go is an ancient strategic game; now one of the most popular games in the world. To its players, Go is not merely a game.  It can take on other meanings: an analogy for life, a practice in abstract reasoning, a meditation, a mirror of one’s personality, a mental workout, and a “beautiful art in which black and white dance in delicate balance across the board” (American Go Association). The game is based in ancient traditions and focuses on respect for the opponent, humility, and other important virtues. Time honored traditions govern every aspect of the game.

Go is also challenging and fun. The rules of Go are simple and the game is easy to learn… the thousands of possible moves keep the game interesting for a lifetime. The game rewards patience and balance over aggression and greed. Friends and classmates of varying levels and experience can play each other easily due to the built in handicapping system of the game.


Why Play Go?

  • Encourages patience and concentration
  • Sharpens judgement
  • Strengthens memory
  • Teaches sportsmanship
  • Builds healthy conflict resolution
  • Enhances pattern recognition, brain symmetry and recognition of figure/ground relationships
  • It’s easy to learn from mistakes and make a better choice next time
  • Helps one find balance (mentally, ethically and emotionally)
  • Enhances bi-lateral thinking
  • Teaches that fortitude wins over greed
  • Helps build confidence so that one may shape their own life
  • Requires flexibility in setting goals and adapting to change


The Heartwood Go Club will be held on Wednesday afternoons from 3-4 p.m.  During club, the students will learn to play Go, improve their games, build relationships among players, learn new ways of conflict resolution, and build sportsmanship… as well as play many games of Go and have fun!

Click HERE to Sign Up for the club!


Watch this video about Go to learn more about this game.


Click HERE to Read the American Go Association’s Top Ten Reasons to Play Go.


The Go club is taught by parents Elizabeth Hieronymus, who loves working with children, and Staysee Teague, who has been shaped by the game of Go for nearly 20 years.  Elizabeth and Staysee look forward to sharing Go with the Heartwood community.

Interested? Click here to sign up for the club!



Heartwood will not reopen for the 2021-2022 school year.

We regret to inform you that Heartwood will not reopen for the 2021-2022 school year.

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