Parent Resources & FAQs

Where can I find Heartwood on Facebook?

We have both a public page and a private page for Heartwood families.

Where can I get the Heartwood Parent Handbook?

Parent Handbook Revised 3-15-18

Is there a Heartwood Parent Directory?

The Parent Directory is a list of students and parents, sorted by classroom. It has address, phone and email information for each family. The directory will be mailed to parents as a PDF file. It will be updated periodically and re-sent as people’s information may change. Please note that this directory is for use solely within the Heartwood community. It is not to be used for outside purposes as the information is proprietary.

I’m not getting regular emails from Heartwood, what do I do?

We send out lots of emails, so if you are not getting mail from us, we either don’t have your address or the one we have is incorrect. Please send your emails to: or

What is a Car Pool Greeter?

Every morning between 8:15 and 8:45 am at least one Heartwood staff person will be standing in front of the main building to greet your children. They are there to assist your child in getting out of the car and walking them into the building. If you do not want to use this service, please park your car in a parking space and walk your child into the building. Please do not leave your car unattended in the driveway at anytime.

What is the car pool routine?

Heartwood offers a car pool for the start of school, pick up at noon and pick up at 3:00pm, end of the day.
Because our parking lot is narrow and has limited spaces, we’ve put in place some rules that will help to ensure your child’s safety and expedite traffic at these busy times.

There are two lanes in our parking lot, one for car pool and one for driving through or looking for parking.

Morning Car Pool 8:15-8:45

Please pull your car up to the front door area. The greeter will open your car door and assist your child out of the car. Please don’t exit your car during this time. It is very helpful if your child is ready to get out of the car with their school belongs ready to go, shoes on, etc. This will move the line more efficiently. Most of the time we’ll have two greeters so will be able to unload two cars at a time. But, this is not always the case, so please wait for someone to open your door. Once the greeter has closed your door, please proceed SLOWLY through the parking lot and exit.

Toddler House Car Pool 8:15-8:45

Toddler parents also use the car pool, but the drop off space is in front of the Toddler House, not the main front door. Kristal or Misty will get your child out of your car and bring them inside. If you are doing Toddler Car Pool, you may use the drive through lane of the lot to pull up to the Toddler House main door.

Noon Car Pool 11:45-12:00 only

For preschool children. Please pull up to the car pool “corral”  and one of the teachers will bring your child to you and put them into your car. Please don’t exit your car during this time.

After school Car Pool 2:50-3:10

Please drive up to the left side gate and wait for the teacher to bring your child to your car.

If you don’t wish to use the after school car pool, please park your car and come to the playground to pick up your child. Children ages 3&4 will be in small playground on right side of the main building until 3:30. You may use the right side gate for closest access.

General Suggestions:

Please DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD EXIT YOUR CAR in the parking lot except with the assistance of the car pool greeter in front of the school. This is for their safety and the efficiency of car pool.
Only park in defined parking spaces in the lot. This will ensure we don’t have cars blocking the car pool line and exit.
We appreciate your cooperation with these rules!!! It will help make car pool a smooth, quick drop off for you and your child.

How do I contact my child’s teacher?

You can reach any of the staff through email. Just use their first

How will I find out about class events and school meetings?

We try to communicate to parents and students through several means.  You will receive monthly email newsletters from the school concerning SCHOOL-WIDE events.  Events specific to your child’s classroom will be communicated through your class Shutterfly or Bloomz account or directly from your teacher or room rep. You should check the class calendar often, which lists school and classroom events, field trips and more.”

Have questions? Please feel free to email the staff in the office: or

Snow Day January 19th

There will be no school tomorrow due to inclement weather.